Thursday, June 5, 2014

Killing Lincoln lit analysis

Topics and/or Events

1. This book is about the assassination of Abraham Lincoln and the attempts of killing the others that make up the head of the government. this book follows the assassins before, during, and after the killing and failed attempts.

2. Bill O'Reilly co wrote this book with Martin Dugard. Bill said in an interview that he wanted to write it more like a thriller so people that aren't interested in reading a regular history book would want to read the story on how America was changed forever.

3. I chose to read this book because I am very interested in history and I like to learn new things about American history because it is what makes us what we are today. I have not read any other books by this author I had just happened to glance at it at the store and read the first page. Once opened I was compelled to read it because there were many things in the first couple of pages that I had not previously known about.

4. This book was very realistic I had learned a little about Lincoln's assassination in history class  but this was very in depth at the whole thing from the planning to the attempted escape. I did not make any connections between this story and my life.


1. Being since the authors did not get to meet or question the characters in the story they could be completely different then what they were described as and I might have slightly different views on their characteristics.

2. One of the main characters is John Wilkes Booth who is described as a 26 year old man that is very lean and athletic. He is said to be a very good actor that was a confederate sympathizer. if I were to describe Booth I would probably have to use direct characterization. the other main character was Abraham Lincoln who is described as a very sensible person who has had a huge weight lifted off of his shoulders with the surrender of the southern states. unlike Booth if I had was going to describe Lincoln I would use indirect characterization. Lincoln's actions speaks volumes on what he was all about and on his demeanor.

3. Theses characters are interesting to write about because their actions changed the course of history drastically. If it wasn't for the people in this book who knows how things would be right now today. That's why I find these characters interesting because without them this world would be drastically different.


1. The books starts out describing Lee's final surrender and uses foreshadowing as it talks about how Lincoln wouldn't be there to finish rebuilding the United States. it has foreshadowing through out the story that was just one example of the tools the author used.

2. O'Reilly does use some lengthy descriptions when  he is introducing the setting of the current location or introducing a new character, but the way he describes them doesn't make you lose interest in it.

3. O'Reilly sets the mood with the words he uses to describe the characters. you can easily tell that he has a lot of respect for what Lincoln had done. you can also pick up on the fact that he despises Booth for what he and his colleagues had done.

4. I feel that the authors attitude towards the audience is one of that he wanted you to learn something new that you may have not known before and enjoy doing it at the same can tell that he did not want it to sound like a boring documentary instead he wanted to make it exciting and thrilling.

5. the author did not give additional resources but I had known the basics of the story and this book just solidified my previous knowledge of the subject.

Enduring Memory

The main idea that I had learned from this book is that our actions have lasting effects on many people not just ourselves. You should really think things out instead of just making irrational decisions. Booth actually made it a lot worse for the south and the rest of the country by ending Lincoln's life.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Masterpiece Academy Questions

        During this school year I was able to study about what I wanted to learn more about and not what I was told. In order for that to happen I do believe there had to be trust that we would completed the work that had promised to do. To be honest most of the time I did not own up to that trust, but as I look back I now realize that I could have really benefitted from doing more on my topic.

        As  for connecting with my masterpiece I believe that I have. While jumping around on topics I feel that I have finally figured out what I really wanted to learn more about. I will continue to learn more about welding and auto mechanics because I will always want to upgrade things on my jeep and welding is what I want for a career.during this processes I have learned a lot I just wish that I had been more thorough with my work.

        During school I have seen many presentations which always seems that people do the bare minimum to get a good grade. In open source learning it seem everyone went above and beyond what they had to because they felt passionate towards it and it wasn't just some random topic. For example I don't know of anyone going through all the trouble that Jacob did just to show his classmates what he was doing his project on. I have seen this much passion about a school project in a long time.

        I know that my journey is not over there are many things I need to learn more about. I can't wait to get started taking welding and auto mechanic classes. I learned a lot this year not only about what I want to do but also about myself. One of the best learning experiences for me this year was when I rebuilt the engine for my jeep and I can't wait to start the next thing on it.

Friday, April 11, 2014

The Crossroads Between Should and Must

After reading the article and thinking about it I realize that must of the things I do is what I should do. Most of the things I do is because I don't want to get in trouble or do the extra work it takes to do what I must do. after thinking about what I have read it makes sense for someone to do what they must instead of should. I hope that I will soon be able to do what it takes to do what I must do instead of what I have been doing. The only thing is that I am not exactly sure what is that I must do. I have an idea what I might want to do but I don't know if there is something out there that I would like more in the future. With that I don't want to start what I must do just to see that I have found something else and start everything over again. 

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

My Launch

1.What do i want to do? I want to look into the career possibilities of a commercial diver.

2.How can I use my tools from fall? I can use the Internet to find resources and look at the different schools for this.

3.What will i need to do to have no regrets in June? I will need to look at all the possible outcomes and decided on what I want to do in the future.

4.What will impress others? others would be impressed if i come up with reliable information and follow up on it and go to the trade school.

5.Bringing an idea to reality. getting the requirements to go to a commercial diving school

6.Building a learning network. I can find people with knowledge on diving that can help me achieve my goal  

My Vocab #1

Ascent rate- the rate of speed you come up at
arterial gas embolism- where a gas bubble gets into your blood stream
blowout preventor- a release valve that controls the gas pressure
blue hole- a sink hole or cave in a lake you can dive into
booster- increases gas pressure
bottom time- the time you are in the water diving
DCIEM tables- charts used to calculate the time you have to wait in order to do your next dive
decompression chamber- a pressurized chamber that slowly decompresses you to prevent decompression illness
decompression illness- when nitrogen bubbles form in your tissues also known as the bends
dive time- the amount of time you are out on a dive
dump valve- a valve that releases air when the air pressure builds up
wet welding- a cheaper but not as strong weld underwater
dry welding- a more expensive weld but a lot stronger

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Literature Analysis #3

Black Hawk Down
1. The book Black Hawk Down by Mark Bowden is about the U.S. military action against a Somali warlord named Mohamed Farrah aided. This book is based on the accrual events that took place during the attempt to capture Mohamed's lieutenants.
2. Bowden chose to write about to write about this because it has a great story line and people need to know what soldiers go through and the sacrifices that they make.
3. i chose to read this book because I am interested in history and this story has a very interesting story. I had first found out about this book when I had watched the movie then I had later seen it at the library. Once I had started reading the story I could not stop because I wanted to find out what happened in the end and if there was any major differences between the book and the movie.
4. the book was very realistic but I could not make any connections between my life and this story because I have not been through anything like this.
1. the authors choices to me say that he wanted to get the characters as close as he could to what the real people went through. I looked up the author and it said that he had watched aerial film of the raid and talked to multiple people from both sides before writing the book.
2. Major General William F. Garrison- the commander was an experienced solider that had helped with the phoenix operation that had targeted the Viet Cong.
Warrant officer Mike Durrant- was the pilot of one of the helicopters that was taking down and captured by the militia.
Matthew Eversmann- was placed in command of the ranger Chalk (paratroopers) after the previous commander had a seizure.
3. these people are interesting to write about because their actions directly affected many peoples lives for the better or worse and they changed some peoples lives forever.
1. the author used more of a journalistic style and wrote the story as a novel.
2. the author does not use many lengthy descriptions instead he focuses more on the action that takes place. the affect of this is that it makes the story far more interesting and it makes the story more easily hooked into.
4. the authors attitude was that of trying to grasp the reasoning of why this had to happen and why there was so much death happening.